About Us

Flightdeck Safety Initiatives is a Houston, Texas based safety training organization with offices in Johannesburg and London. Our objective is to make workplaces safer, more efficient and better places to work.

Many companies seek to initiate, build and sustain a workplace in which no one is injured, yet they struggle to find the solution that ignites sustainable change. FSi’s stand for eliminating all workplace injury is delivered through the ideals of “Lessons from the Flight Deck”™ which has been developed by FSi’s founder and President, Patrick Browne.

This safety training, which has successfully helped companies generate breakthrough results using an approach designed to work in tandem with existing company safety practices and programs, is based on aviation’s error reduction program known as Crew Resource Management. We consistently deliver results by leveraging proven transformational consulting, training and coaching approaches to develop individual, cultural and organizational capacity to create and maintain a workplace in which no one is hurt.