“The CRM training is easily some of the most valuable training I have had in my Maritime career.”
Captain Dan Ralph, SPT Defender, Lightering Support Vessel

Camp Kasempa, Zambia

“Whilst participating in a morning safety briefing at “Elephants Head” Kasempa camp this last week I was greatly impressed to hear John Chimbukulu speak up and site an example raised from training we’d received almost a year and a half earlier! The subject was ‘Lion footprints spotted in sampling area’, John reminded us of the company “Flightdeck Safety Initiatives” and how the trainer “Patrick Browne” had instructed the group about “Situational Awareness” and the importance of “being aware of our surroundings”. The course was Crew Resource Management (CRM) and has formed a core of the operational culture in Kansanshi Exploration for almost 2 years. 2015 will see it also being fully adopted by our site contractors. CRM is widely used in Ravensthorpe, Cayeli, Cobre Las Cruces and Kansanshi.  Any course that can leave such a strong impression so long after the fact really has a message worth listening to!”
Peter Crompton. Exploration Safety Manager, Kansanshi Exploration, Zambia

Kansanshi Mine, Zambia

“I just want to say thank you very much for your CRM course. It has taught me a lot as well as my colleagues. Thank you very much for the knowledge you imparted in us, especially the topic on the “Window of Risk”. it has really helped us in the canteen such that from last month to date we have experienced a 0% accident rate. Thank you very much sir and I would really appreciate to learn more of your course.”
Dennis Katota, Stock and Cost Accountant – Cheshire Canteen, Kansanshi Mine, Zambia

Shell Oil Products

“Our folks left the training thinking it was the best two-day training they have ever had. They are talking Collective Situational Awareness all the time. We can’t wait to get more of our folks through the training.”
Glenda Robertson, Refinery Team Leader, Shell Oil Products

Shell Martinez Refinery

“Excellent information delivered with sincerity! We are spreading the word!”
Kevin Goldsberry, Shell Martinez Refinery

U of R/Strong Memorial Hospital

“Lessons from the Flight Deck should be added to the curriculum of all Nursing programs. The presentation is interactive and interesting and opens the student’s mind to the important message that CRM has proven effective in both the cockpit and the Operating room. CRM sets the stage for safe practice in any field. I wish I had these skills when I began my nursing career.”
Deborah G. Knight, MS, RN, U of R/Strong Memorial Hospital

Emerson Electric

“I consider your CRM course to be tops on the list of our enrichment training courses.”
Dan Lindsey, Senior Pilot, Emerson Electric

Heli Harvest

“As an operator of single-pilot aircraft our move to a multi-crew environment contained a lot of unknowns. We had heard about Crew Resource Management but didn’t really know where to start. With Patrick Browne’s involvement we introduced CRM to our crews here in New Zealand and have experienced a marked improvement in teamwork, communications, and overall operational safety. Not only do we now know how to manage crew resources on the flight deck we also know why we are doing it. Everyone is looking forward to the refresher course ….”
Qwilton Biel, Operations Manager, Heli Harvest


“This program was by far the best program in leadership I have ever taken. The instructor is excellent and insightful – his tools were relevant and will hopefully be effective in the workplace. He is a definite asset to this program…This session was excellent! The instructor is an excellent teacher and provides lucid insight into the world of accounting…The course material offered was excellent throughout the sessions. More people would undoubtedly benefit from these sessions in their practices.”
Roberta Locko, MD, Radiologist